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Encoders for Categorical Variables
Categorical Variable Selection Methods
Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond
An R Package for Simulating IRT-Based Computerized Adaptive Tests
Chronomics Analysis Toolkit (CAT): Analyze Periodicity
Formal Modeling for Psychology
Formal Modeling for Psychology
Categorical Bayesian Network Inference
Tools: moving window statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc.
Generation of IRT Response Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
Special models for categorical variables
The Cochran-Armitage Trend Test
Anthony Towry's Personal R Package
Tools for Estimating Causal Dose Response Functions
Deriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models
Methods for Estimating Causal Effects from Observational Data
Estimation of Causal Effects with Generalized Additive Models
Inferring Causal Effects using Bayesian Structural Time-Series Models
Causal network analysis methods
Selection Bias Approach to Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Effects
Analysis utilities for binary classification and Causata users.
Correspondence Analysis Variants
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Package for the chair of Climatology at TU Berlin
An implementation of association analysis tools
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Inference of Spatial Population Genetic Structure
Clustering for Business Analytics
Create Pivot Tables in R
Cathleen's Dissertation Functions
Coffee Break Descriptive Analysis
Beta-Poisson Mixture Distribution
Fast p-values for linear regression interaction term
Functions For Dealing With Genetic Data
manyregs --- Flexible and concise regression analysis
Miscellaneous functions
Accessing binary output files from ABEL suite
Functions for dealing with tree structures
Find potential R speakers nearby
R Semantic MediaWiki Bot
Gene-Specific Phenotype EstimatoR
Large-scale inference of continuous time Conjunctive Bayesian Networks
A model for network-based prioritisation of genes
Observed Time Conjunctive Bayesian Network (OT-CBN)
Joint Inference of Mutually Exclusive Driver Pathways and their Progression Dynamics
R Wrapper for DGIdb
Finding Mutually Exclusive Groups of Alterations in Cancer Datasets

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