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Linear Regression with a Randomly Censored Covariate
Censored Linear Mixture Regression Models
censored NID samples
Estimate Parameter of Bivariate Copula
Censored Regression (Tobit) Models
Censored Regression (Tobit) Models
Fits Normal and Student-t Censored Regression Model
Censored Spatial Models
Changes United States Census Geographic Code into Name of Location
Collect Data from the Census API
Tools to Query the 'Censys' API
Function for Generating Random Names and a Dataset
Historical baseline coefficient matrices for RLI SGPt analyses
Student Growth Percentiles & Percentile Growth Trajectories
Exemplar Data Sets for SGP Analyses
Function for Converting Cardinal to Ordinal Numbers by Adding a Language Specific Ordinal Indicator to the Number
Open Science Framework R API
CENTIPEDE learns a DNaseI footprint of a transcription factor and predicts its binding sites
Pre- and post- processing for CRHM
Censored time series
Example of a package using rJava
Cross-Entropy R Package for Optimization
Centrality-based pathway enrichment
Core API fucntions
Core API fucntions
Tools for using the HCP Rest API
Discriminant Analysis of Time Series in the Presence of Within-Group Spectral Variability
Context Driven Exploratory Projection Pursuit
Outlier Detection Using the Iterated RMCD Method of Cerioli (2010)
Covariance Estimation Regularized by Nuclear Norm Penalties
An R package to uncover high-resolution protein-DNA interactions in ChIP-exo replicates
Abstraction of the Exponential Families
Utils for Linear Models
R parser for NCI Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Text Data
Simplification of analysis in PostgreSQL and Redshift DBs
Configural Frequency Analysis (CFA)
Statistical analysis for the Colony Formation Assay
Cause-Specific Framework for Competing-Risk Analysis
Estimate quantiles using any order Cornish-Fisher expansion
Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
Compensatory Fuzzy Logic
Compare Groups, Analytically and Graphically
Constrained Generalized Additive Model
Calculate AUC-type measure when gold standard is continuous and the corresponding optimal linear combination of variables with respect to it.
R-Based API for Accessing the MSKCC Cancer Genomics Data Server (CGDS)
An R package for analysis of case-control studies in genetic epidemiology
Parallel genomic evaluations

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