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Parallel Genomic Evaluations
Closest History Flow Field Forecasting for Bivariate Time Series
Canopy File Investigator and Shreder
Functions for Wind Resource Assessment
R Interface to the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
R Interface to the Mapillary API
R Interface to the 'Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) API'
R interface to
The Chi Distribution
Partitioning Chi-Squared and Tau Index for Three-Way Contingency Tables
CHiCAGO: Capture Hi-C Analysis of Genomic Organization
Download or Upload 'Socrata' Data Sets
Calculate earned premium by policy
Keep track of dates in terms of months
Dataset of ROC Government Travel Reports
Useful Datasets for Pokemon Researchers
Test all lessons of a swirl course.
Fit an exponential distance decay model to assemblage similarities
Scraping trait data from fishbase web site
Tools to download and extract oceanographic data from various sources
Read pm2.5 data
Data and Methods Around Reference Values in Pediatrics
Statistical Methods for Phenology Analysis in Temperate Fruit Trees
A package for secondary analysis of fusion products
Visualization tools for gene fusions
Miscellaneous Tools for Chinese Text Mining and More
Multiple-Instance Logistic Regression with LASSO Penalty
rfpa - To provide some tools used in functional data analysis
test.opencpu - To test opencpu
Markdown Application for OpenCPU
Generate Feasible Samples of a Knapsack Problem
RStudio Addins For str, head, tail
Quantitative comparison of multiple ChIP-seq datasets
Gene Set Enrichment For ChIP-seq Peak Data
Toolkit of Helper Functions to Pre-Process Amplification Data
Batch annotation of the peaks identified from either ChIP-seq, ChIP-chip experiments or any experiments resulted in large number of chromosome ranges
Quality metrics for ChIPseq data
ChIPseeker for ChIP peak Annotation, Comparison, and Visualization
chipseq: A package for analyzing chipseq data
Identifying Protein Binding Sites in High-Throughput Sequencing Data
Simulation of ChIP-seq experiments
Nonparametric Methods for Identifying Differential Enrichment Regions with ChIP-Seq Data

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