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What the Package Does (Title Case)
Coupled Hidden Markov Models
Change Point Regression
Chemical Thermodynamics and Activity Diagrams
Chemical Thermodynamics and Activity Diagrams
Processing Data from Lattes CV Files
Design Functions for Choice Studies
Choice Modeling in R
Identify a cutoff value from bimodal data
Administrative Maps of Vietnam from GADM
Interface to the Agent-Based Modeling Platform GAMA
Data from the General Department of Preventive Medicine (GDPM) of Vietnam
Data from the General Statistical Office (GSO) of Vietnam
Modeling Infectious Diseases Parameters Based On Serological And Social Contact Data
HPE Haven OnDemand R Language Client Library - POST requests
An Adaptive Test on High Dimensional Parameters in Generalized Linear Models
Truncated Lasso Regularized Generalized Linear Models
Imputing the missing covariates via methylation data
Microbiome Based Sum of Powered Score (MiSPU) Tests
Penalized Regression-Based Clustering Method
Choplump tests
The snp.matrix and X.snp.matrix classes
The Chopthin Resampler
Chordalysis R Package
Estimation in Respondent Driven Samples
Simplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
Contains an Administrative-Level-1 Map of the World
Contains Maps Used by the 'choroplethr' Package
Annotated SnpMatrix objects
Colocalisation Tests of Two Genetic Traits
Fit models dealing with spatial dependency in genomic data
Using GUESS for Fine Mapping
Parent of origin testing
Random functions useful to have to hand
BMA exploration of multi-SNP models in genetic association testing
EM haplotype inference and association testing through multiple imputation
Flexible Writing of snpStats Objects to Flat Files
Power Calculations for Microarray Expts using the Tibshirani (2006) Method
Wilcoxon based gene set enrichment analysis
Visualization functions for scrobble data
The PhotoMapper application plots uploaded images on a map based on EXIF location and time information.
What the package does (short line)
An R package for the Examination of Multiple Correction Methodologies in Accurate Genomic Environments.
Gene Ontology Label Discernment and Identification
Gene Ontology Label Discernment and Identification
Gene Ontology Label Discernment and Identification
Polgenic Risk Score Toolkit in R
US Campaign Contributions
Reduced-Rank Regression

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