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Automatic Item Generator
Elithorn Maze Generator
Automatic Item Generator
Number Series Generator
Automatic Item Generator
AIM: adaptive index model
An R package for processing and analyzing 3UTR,DOGs and 5UTR data
An R Package for Performing ChipSeq Analysis In One Step
Gene Ontology analyser for RNA-seq and other length biased data
A R package for GO term enrichment analysis with the flexible bias factor adjustment
Modified Augmentated Experiment
statistical analysis and visualization of functional profiles for genes and gene clusters
Disease Ontology Semantic and Enrichment analysis
NetPathMiner for Biological Network Construction, Path Mining and Visualization
An R Package for Adjusting Bias in Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
What the Package Does (Title Case)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Create Pie Like Plot for Completeness
AIMS : Absolute Assignment of Breast Cancer Intrinsic Molecular Subtype
Package for Fitting the Parametric G Formula
Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology
The Raoul Package for Missing Data
Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
Stochastic Gradient Descent for Scalable Estimation
All code for the Stat 221 class
Histogram-Valued Data Analysis
Robust Multi-State Identification of Transcription Factor Binding Sites
locally download and prepare publicly-available microdata
Color schemes compatible with red-green color perception difficulties
A tiny test package for testing Travis-GitHub release integration
Tool for Removing Background Debris and Doublets From .fcs Files
Convert a wavelength (in nm) to a usable colour
Illustrates a simple R package
Illustrates a Minimal Package
Tools for macroecology
Helper functions for R
Use gog visualization system from R
Handle 'JSON-stat' Format in R
Detect Marine Heat Waves and Marine Cold Spells
Another JSON Schema Validator
Scale free, Random graph, and Smallworld network's property comparisn with same number of edges and vertices
Associated Kernel Estimations
Functions to run my biodiversity analysis
Calculate Multivariate Richness via UTC and sUTC
My R functions
A Spatially Explicit Metacommunity Model
Connection methods from R to Cassandra
Create and update keyed MySQL tables from R

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