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Do a Git Style Diff of the Rows Between Two Dataframes with Similar Structure
Descriptive Analysis by Groups
comparison of medical forms in CDISC ODM format
Correct for Verification Bias in Diagnostic Accuracy & Agreement
Multivariate likelihood ratio calculation and evaluation
Combinatorial Polyfunctionality Analysis of Single Cells
R Interface to Enrichr API
Table One Figure Creation
RNAseq data simulation, differential expression analysis and performance comparison of differential expression methods
Event-specific incidence rates for competing risks data
Tools for Retrieval and Storage of Functional Genomics Data
Tools for computational epigenomics
Analyzing Social Hierarchies
The Semi-Parametric Cumulative Incidence Function
Differential analysis for MeRIP-seq data
Conway-Maxwell-Poisson GLM and distribution functions
An R pipeline for .bed file annotation, comparing GO term enrichment between gene sets and data visualisation
Complementary Hierarchical Clustering
Composite Indicators Functions
Numerically Evaluate Integrals and Derivatives (also Higher Order) of Vector- And Complex-Valued Functions
Making Complex Heatmaps
Calculate the Proportion of Permutations in Line with an Informative Hypothesis
Functions of Complex or Real Variable
Robust Linear Regression with Compositional Data as Covariates
Functions for actuarial scientists
Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution
Conway-Maxwell Poisson (COM-Poisson) Regression
An implementation of the Search All, Asses Subset strategy for FDR estimation shotgun proteomics.
Compositional Data Analysis
Compositional Data Analysis
Estimation, Gene Selection, and Survival Prediction Based on the Compound Covariate Method Under the Cox Proportional Hazard Model
Computing Continuous Distributions
Distribution Function of Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables
Paired Comparison Data Analysis
Composite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
Composite-Likelihood Based Analysis of Random Fields
Graphical Analysis of Variance Using ggplot2
Various helper functions
Manipulating and exploring protein and proteomics data
Interactive visualisation of spatial proteomics data
Bioc2014 workshop on R / Bioconductor packages for Proteomics
Managing amino acid modifications for mass spectrometry in R.
R package for handling genomic interaction data
Functions for a Variety of Stylometric Analyses
Compute Effect Sizes
Interface with the United Nations Comtrade API
Continuous Associated Kernel Estimation
Human-Friendly Text from Unknown Strings
Pairwise Constraints Clustering
Optimisation with Continuous Convex Piecewise (Linear and Quadratic) Functions

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