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Doubly Robust Inverse Probability Weighted Augmented GEE Estimator
Sample Size Estimation Functions for Cluster Randomized Trials
Data from German federal elections, 1949-2013
Functions used in projects by Christian Rubba
Assemble Data Frames from HTML Tables
Data from New Zealand federal elections, 1996-2014
R binding to the Webdriver API
Another Table Generator for LaTeX Documents
Prostate Cancer Data
Prostate Cancer Data
Prostate Cancer Data
Prostate Cancer Data
What the package does (short line)
Classify 2-d Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) data and quantify the number of starting molecules
HTTP Client
Classification Rules Data Tools
Report (Toplines and Banners) Generation for Crunch Datasets
Shiny Apps on Data Tools
Crushings personal R package
Determination of breeding origins using stable isotope data
Demonstration of package development from Martin Morgan
Interface to Climatic Research Unit Time-Series Version 3.21 Data
Identifying cryptic relatedness in genetic association studies
Tools for working with Twitter API
Statistical Tests for Cryptographic Randomness
Calculate the Relative Crystallinity of Starch by XRD and FTIR
Functions for Conditional Simulation in Regression-Scale Models
Statistical tools for the analysis of ChIP-seq data
ChIP-Seq Analysis with Windows
Elephant - a git-backed serializable environment
git bindings for R
github API
Package allowing R to call Python
RMut: a collective framework for mutations analysis in network dynamics
Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling in R
Frequent Contiguous Sequential Pattern Mining of Text
Connectivity Scores with Factor Analysis
Covariate-adjusted Skewed Functional Model (cSFM)
R api to forskalle
Parse and Plot illumina SAV interop binary metric files
Scalable Inference for Markov Processes with Intractable Likelihoods
RStudio 'addin' Manager
RStudio 'addin' Manager
Crowd Sourced System Benchmarks
Data Set for the 'benchmarkme' Package
Becoming an Efficient R Programmer
Becoming an Efficient R Programmer

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