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Get Soil Water Holding Capacity from Webb et al.'s Data Base
Bootstrapped Response and Correlation Functions
Bayernkarten for the rest of us!
Circulant Embedding for Statistically Exact Simulations of Time Series
Data analyis project management with R
Dendro utils
Explore Results of LPJ-GUESS Runs
Extract HISTALP Grid Data for Coordinate Pairs
ggplot2 color theme to beamer color theme mtheme
Greet with an Oblique Strategy on Startup
Read in semi-corrupted fh exports from PAST5
scPDSI Calculation
Metrics for Forest Growth and Yield Science
Syntactic sugar
Numerical Calibration of Proxy-Climate Relationships
TUM compliant ggplot2 theme
Conveniently access gridded climate data sets
Various convenience functions
DYNAmic MOdels
Network Estimation for Time Series
Cluster and Tree Conversion.
Generate Profiles from ACS Data
Automating Qualtrics Data Reshaping
Setup Microsoft Access Database with R
Connet Lingo with R
Substance Flow Computation
Latent Continuous Time Markov Chains
Continuous Threshold Expectile Regression
Correlated Trait Locus (CTL) Mapping in R
Clustering approach to solve complete Deconvolution problem
Fast Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
Finding an Active Metabolic Module in Atom Transition Network
Easily Check Data Consistency and Quality
An R package to monitor Facebook pages
Conditional Transformation Models
A Text Mining Toolkit for Chinese Document
An electronic satchel of usefyl trick I have gathered.
Estimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
Modeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
Modeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
Modeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains
Conditional Transformation Models
Continuous-Time Movement Modeling
Censored and Truncated Quantile Regression
An R Package for Exploring the Cultural Evolution of Chess Strategy
Estimation Of Reproductive Skew
Continuous Time Autoregressive Models
Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
Clustering of Time Series Gene Expression data

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