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R scripts for the figures and examples from the book STATISTICS FOR SPATIO-TEMPORAL DATA by Cressie and Wikle 2011
R client for WTSS
r interface to VDAOEngine to build elastic principal graphs
An r implementation of ROMA
The Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
Analysis Of Differential Abundance Taking Sample Variation Into Account
popler package
popler package
Assessment of Bias in a Meta-Analysis in a Bayesian framework
Regression Models for Monozygotic Twin Data
Quantile Regression Using Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
Paternity Exclusion in Autopolyploid Species
Graphic Display of Object/Symbol Locations In An R Script
Miscellaneous Functions for Data Manipulation
Named magrittr-style pipes
Simple cached workflow with diagram
Clojure-inspired functions (macros) in R
Fast and easy Eurostat data import and search
Generative property-based testing with automatic doc generation
Tools for calling Stata from R interactively
Backtest strategies built on indicators
What the Package Does (Title Case)
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Wrapper Around SilverPop API
Disparity Filter Algorithm for Weighted Networks
Extra functions for use with rcatmaid and nat
R wrapper for elements of the Deformetrica registration tool
Data driven SVAR identification of impulse response functions
What the package does (short line)
Miscellaneous Functions Useful for Indiana Commission for Higher Education
RCAMx: Loading Tools for CAMx Files
Interactive Scatterplots using htmlwidgets and polychart
Send fast emails with R.
Create Node.js Express applications with R
Morning Consult's tools for Multilevel Regression and Poststratification
Tools and data for weather and climate analysis
Agilent arrays analisys (aggy)
Moving-Window Add-on for 'plyr'
Growing Self-Organizing Maps
Growing Self-Organizing Maps
Bayesian Tree Prior Simulation
Latent Environmental & Genetic InTeraction (LEGIT) Model
Various utilities for making my life easier
A Lightweight Interface for Interacting with Elasticsearch from R
Machine Learning Pipelines for R

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