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Analysis of niche evolution using niche and distribution models
R We There Yet? Visualizing MCMC Convergence in Phylogenetics
Sliced Mean Variance Covariance Inverse Regression
Personal collection of utilities for exploratory data analysis in R
Creating and Consuming Data Dictionaries
Helper Demons for Scientific Coding
Library Data Limited Stock Assessment Modules
Run Global Upsides Model
What the package does (short line)
Run Robust and Clustered Regressions in R
Title: A tool to identify potentially oncogenic genes
MatchIt: Nonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Casual Inference
An R client for the wattle exception reporting platform
Basic Text Manipulation and Metrics
Proteomics data analysis tool
Dan's Library (DanLib)
Tutorial of htmlwidgets: use dygraph as the example
Bring the Amap LBS api to R
Complex survey standard errors (clustering and stratification) for Structural Equation Models.
Bi-clustering Biological Dataset using Co-similarity
Tools for the Differential Analysis of Proteins Abundance with R
Some FlowCytometry Analysis Tools
Web scraper for
A collection of RStudio Addins for my Idiosyncratic Coding
R Client for Canvas API
This package is a wrapper for the Cicero API
Gets texts from the Perseus Digital Library
Type Strings Unencumbered
Package for Deep Architectures and Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Diagnostic Tests for Models with a Binomial Response
Miscellaneous Functions for Survival Data
Spatial Implementation of Bayesian Networks and Mapping
Categorical Landscape Simulation Facility
The Analysis of Dark Adaptation Data
Tools to Work with the Dark Sky API
Check if numbers are divisible
Migration indices
Minimal R package including unit tests
Fast load variables
Write and Sing Songs with R
Within estimators for fixed effects panel data
Convenience functions for writing a dissertation (Cognitive Science, etc)
Functions to use gpx files
Functions for processing and analysing PPBIO data
Denoising Algorithm based on Relevance network Topology
Statistical Tools to Analyze Your Darts Game
Tools for Creating Design/Model Matrices with Dates

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