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Affymetrix helper functions
General helper functions for dealing with \R objects/data types
mjc's graphics library
MJC's general statistics library
Package development toolkit
A Second-Order Cumulant Spectrum Test for Strict Stationarity
dr's tools for R
Nonlinear Growth Models
whereiam: Geolocation package and spherical trigonometry calculations
Support for Wisconsin DNR Fisheries Analyses
Simple Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
Simulate Data for Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
Functions for constructing and validating standard weight (Ws) equations for fish.
Sandbox for Testing Package Stuff
Analyze Drop Out of an Experiment or Survey
Tools for Drought Modeling and Assessment
Dimensionality Reduction via Regression
Different convenience functions (file loading, caret model procesing, etc).
Analysis of fragments contributions calculated by SPCI software
R package for working with data from the CODES Research Lab Adaptability simulation
Correlations in R
Data from Simon A Jackson's PhD (2016)
Machine learning pipelines
Parse and analyse QRTEngine data in R
An R package containing routine functions
Dose-Response Modeling with Smoothing Splines
Implementation of a Machine Learning Framework for Predicting Drugs Side Effects
Comparison of disease and drug profiles using Gene set Enrichment Analysis
Druid connector for R
R package for Manhattan Plots
Descriptive Statistics
Tools for Customer Segmentation
Examples Using dplyr
Data Profiler
Miscellaneous Functions for DS4CI Projects
Play with ds4ci project structure, RStudio/Hadley package tools, and github
Recency, Frequency, and Monetary tools in R
Dynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Robust Multiple Imputation with Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
Discretization-Based Direct Random Sample Generation
Discretization-Based Direct Random Sample Generation
Bayesian subgroup analysis in clinical trials
ecotoner - ecotones / ecological boundaries across environmental gradients
SDM code developed with a class during spring 2016
Generates a bipartite network from expression and motif data
Modeling Network State Transitions from Expression and Regulatory data (MONSTER)
Similarity Test for Estimation of Genetic Outliers
Similarity Test for Estimation of Genetic Outliers
Bankruptcy Survival Calculator
Dynamic Systems Estimation (Time Series Package)

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