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Interface to Wordpress blogs
Simple tools for Open Office Word Processing XML documents
Read and write YAML
Tools for post-processing SVG plots created in R
Programmatically process Web Application Description Language documents
Dynamic Documents with XML and XSL
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) via XML in R
Simple interface to's house price estimate API
power calculations in predictive biomarker studies in survival data
Efficient Computations of Phylogenetic Stochastic Mapping Moments
Software implementation of step-down and step-up Dunnett test procedures
Dunn's Test of Multiple Comparisons Using Rank Sums
a package for checking high-throughput genomic data redundancy in meta-analysis
Bayesian inference from count data using discrete uniform priors
Assessment of duplication rates in RNA-Seq datasets
Height Prediction
R Client for Betfair's API
Collection of thoroughbred horse sales datasets
Fantasy Football (soccer) datasets and functions
Collection of thoroughbred horse sales datasets
Tools to aid the analysis and handicapping of Thoroughbred Horse Racing
servevolleyR - Tennis simulation
Performs an analysis of Data Elasticity
A Collection of Miscellaneous Functions.
Corrected biased estimates under selection
This package fits eyewitness data using Clark's (2003) WITNESS model
Moist Air State R
Simplified Flow Cytometry for Experimental Evolution
Utilities to monitor for change on satellite image time-series
EM clustering example
R functions to perform and display Google Trends queries
What the package does (short line)
my CONvenIence FUnctions for R
CONVErsion tools in R for GEnomic data
digger: DIfferential Gene Expression in R
tools to create and analyze GENmic data organized in Matrices
gyro: Genomic utility wrappers in R
R-based Analysis of GEnomic data
R Utilities for Bed and BEdgRaphs
R Utilities for the Ucsc Genome Browser
R Utilities for Bed and BEdgRaphs
Discrete variations of a fractional Brownian motion
Analyze Dose-Volume Histograms and Check Constraints
Cell type enrichment analysis
Miscellaneous General-Purpose Functions
Remove Weekends and Holidays from ggplot2 Axes
Access to Dataverse 3 APIs
Paleontological and Phylogenetic Analyses of Evolution
DWD implementation based on A IPM SOCP solver

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