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Dual Scaling Analysis of Multiple Choice Data
Methods and data for dealing with Cryptocurrencies
Simple Client for the DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API
R programmatic client to the duke-data-service
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Create dummy/indicator variables flexibly and efficiently
A dummy package to ask R-Forge to install packages that I need
Automatic Creation of Dummies with Support for Predictive Modeling
Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
Functions to Count the Number of Calls to Functions
Tools for static analysis of R code
Analysis of R code for reproducible research and code comprehension
A simple interface to scraping data from the Department of Water Resources
Fast sampling of lines of (any) text file
A simple Flash graphics device for R
Read and write PNG images
Create HTML/JavaScript documents to display data using Google Maps.
R interface to Amazon' S3 storage
Get cookies from browsers
Functionality to help creating code for R, C/C++
Tools for creating code for compilation
R Bindings for the CUDA Library for GPU Computing
R Graphics device to create D3 content
Interface to the text search engine ElasticSearch
Interface to REST API of (EuPathDB)
Tools for working with Excel XML documents
R interface to Flickr API
Primitive interface to Google Documents from R
Serialize R objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
Graphics device for rendering R plots on KML
Interface to llvm for dynamically compiling native code.
LLVM-based compiler for R code
Simple tools for Open Office XML documents
Basic reading of Open Office spreadsheets and workbooks
Ability to register R functions and C routines as SQLite functions
Create virtual tables from R Objects that can be Used Directly in an SQLite database
Interface to the tesseract OCR system
Infer Types of Inputs and Outputs for R Expressions
Interface to Wordpress blogs
Simple tools for Open Office Word Processing XML documents
Read and write YAML
Tools for post-processing SVG plots created in R
Programmatically process Web Application Description Language documents
Dynamic Documents with XML and XSL
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) via XML in R
Simple interface to's house price estimate API
power calculations in predictive biomarker studies in survival data
Efficient Computations of Phylogenetic Stochastic Mapping Moments

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