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Flexible parametric survival models
Flexible Parametric Survival and Multi-State Models
Tabular Reporting API
Don't Get Stuck with Stacks in R
Classify Night Flight Calls Based on Acoustic Measurements
Hidden Markov Model for Solar Geolocation Archival Tags
Farewell’s Linear Increments Model
Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks
Multivariate Permutation Tests
Fast lasso-based isoform prediction as a flow problem
Dithionite Scramblase Assay Analysis
Fused Lasso Latent Feature Model
Permutation tests for adaptive designs
Simulation of estimation after blinded interim analysis Authors.R: c(person("float", "Developer", role = c("aut", "cre"), email = ""))
floats MSI utility function
Utility functions for monte carlo simulation and optimization
Order Restricted Assessment Of Microarray Titration Experiments
Process Synchronization Using File Locks
Process Synchronization Using File Locks
Statistical Methods for the (Regional) Analysis of Flood Frequency
My Stuff
Tools for Interacting with the Brazilian Flora 2020
What the package does (short line)
'ROI'-Plugin 'NLOPTR'
Rcpp Helper Functions
What the package does (short line)
Economics Datasets for R
gridR: create different scalings of uniformly spaced grids.
What the package does (short line)
Build Panel Data Sets from PSID Raw Data
What the package does (short line)
Access to the project Oxford API for image, video, recogntion and labeling
Automatic and interactive quality control for flow cytometry data
flowBeads: Analysis of flow bead data
Combining multitube flow cytometry data by binning
Tools to analyze in vivo microscopy imaging data focused on tracking flowing blood cells
Analyze flow cytometric data using histogram information
Semantic labelling of flow cytometric cell populations
Clustering for Flow Cytometry
flowCore: Basic structures for flow cytometry data
Analyze flow cytometric data using gate information
Sequential Flow Cytometry Data Gating
Cytometric Diversity Indices from 'FlowJo' Workspaces
Tools for characterizing flowering traits
Forecasts future values of a univariate time series.
Estimate proliferation in cell-tracking dye studies
Tools for extracting information from a FlowJo workspace and working with the data in the flowCore paradigm.
Fingerprinting for Flow Cytometry
Mapping cell populations in flow cytometry data for cross-sample comparisons using the Friedman-Rafsky Test

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