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Random Matrix Generation and Manipulation
Futile options management
A framework for working in a functional programming paradigm in R
Felix's favorite functions
Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone
A Future API for Parallel and Distributed Processing using BatchJobs
Find, Characterize, and Explore Extreme Events in Climate Projections
Fuzz-Test R Functions
(Fuzzy) AHP Calculation
Exact calculation of fuzzy decision rules for multiple testing
Fuzzy Forests
Join Tables Together on Inexact Matching
Converts R syntax to SQL to provide fast analytics using in-database C++ library DB Lytix.
Fuzzy Linear Programming
Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods for Fuzzy Data
Tools to deal with fuzzy numbers in R
Tools to Deal with Fuzzy Numbers
Apply Two Fuzzy Numbers on a Monotone Function
Computing Fuzzy p-Value
Fuzzy Logic Toolkit for R
Fuzzy Rank Tests and Confidence Intervals
Fuzzy Similarity in Species Distributions
Fuzzy Stationary Probabilities from a Sequence of Observations of an Unknown Markov Chain
Statistical Methods for Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers
Type 1 Fuzzy Logic Toolkit
Fuzzy String Matching
Helps You to Code Cleaner
Coding Less Dreadfully
Utility Functions by and for Andreas Dominik Cullmann
Document a Single R Code File
Codes for the R User Group at the FVA BW
Multiple Class Area under ROC Curve
Mandallaz' Model-Assisted Small Area Estimators
Tools to work with concept hierarchies
Access Open Data Through the Junar API
Forward search for Mokken scale analysis
Selecting Variables in Regression Models
Fire Weather Index System and Fire Behaviour Prediction System Calculations
Fire Weather Index System and Fire Behaviour Prediction System Calculations
Fisher-Wright Population Simulation
Create html ui using r list
ShinyTour helper function
Point Anomaly Detection in univariate time-serie
Exchange Rate Regime Analysis
Exchange Rate Regime Analysis
Peng's Collection of R Functions at Nielsen
A package performing Dynamic Bayesian Network inference.
Find and Fill Gaps in Metabolic Networks
Grain-size Statistics and Description of Sediment
Grain-Size Statistics and Description of Sediment

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