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TL/OSL Reader Simulator
Multiple Choice Test Analysis
First Passage Time Simulation for Gaussian Diffusion Processes
Easy Use of 'GADM' Shapefiles
Genetic Algorithm for Curve Fitting
GaGa hierarchical model for high-throughput data analysis
Generally Applicable Gene-set Enrichment for Pathway Analysis
Broadcast data between R and Gaggle
Aliyun OSS API
GAIA: An R package for genomic analysis of significant chromosomal aberrations.
Genetic and Isotopic Assignment Accounting for Habitat Suitability
Gains Table Package
Graphical Extension with Accuracy in Parameter Estimation (GAIPE)
Hyperbolic geometry of complex networks
Genetic algorithms and C-steps based LTS (Least Trimmed Squares) estimation
Microwave Telemtry PSAT analysis
BOA front detection
bones of a hidden markov model for psat data
Simulation from Electronic Tags
Generalized Additive Models
Data for "GAMs: An Introduction with R"
Fit the GamBin Model to Species Abundance Distributions
Generalized linear and additive models by likelihood based boosting
Boosting Methods for GAMLSS
Boosting Methods for 'GAMLSS'
Estimating multistate models using gamboost()
Functions and Data for a Course on Modern Regression and Classification
Generalized Additive Models for Bivariate Conditional Dependence Structures and Vine Copulas
Applies GAMbag, GAMrsm and GAMens Ensemble Classifiers for Binary Classification
Statistical Estimation of Game-Theoretic Models
Playing games using a NWS Server
Cooperative Game Theory
Tools for Calculating Allocations in Game Theory
Gamma Lasso Regression
Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
Extra Additive Terms for GAMLSS Models
Fitting an interval response variable using distributions
Fitting an Interval Response Variable Using `' Distributions
Demos for GAMLSS
Demos for GAMLSS
Distributions to be used for GAMLSS modelling.
Distributions to be Used for GAMLSS Modelling
A GAMLSS add on package for fitting mixture distributions
Fitting Mixture Distributions with GAMLSS
Fitting non linear parametric GAMLSS models
Fitting non linear parametric GAMLSS models
Spatial Terms in GAMLSS Models
Generating and fitting truncated ( distributions

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