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R package for handling genomic interaction data
Efficient Breeding by Genomic Mating
Circular Genomic Permutation using Gwas p-Values of Association
Representation and manipulation of genomic intervals and variables defined along a genome
support functions and data for edX course PH525
Infrastructure to work with genomewide position-specific scores
Collection of Tools for Genomic Data Analysis
Representation and Manipulation of Genomic Tuples
Analyze, manage and store genomic data
Plot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps
Plot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps
Simulation of Discrete Random Variables with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions
A RangedSummarizedExperiment with methods for copy number analysis
QA/QC of a gVCF or VCF file
Metagenome Functional and Taxonomic Relationships
Generalized PATHMOX Algorithm for PLS-PM, LS and LAD Regression
A tool for quantification of associations between genotypes and phenotypes with statistical learning techniques such as random forests and support vector machines as well as with Bayesian inference using hierarchical models
Candidate gene prioritization based on convergent evidence
Generalized Ridge Trace Plots for Ridge Regression
R Functions for Generalized Simulated Annealing
generalized ensemble methods
Generalized Spherical Distributions
Generating Multi-State Survival Data
IRRI Geography Lab - General Utilities
Genomic Visualizations in R
Spline Based Window Boundaries for Genomic Analyses
Draw and Annotate Maps, Especially Charts of the North Atlantic
Draw and Annotate Maps, Especially Charts of the North Atlantic
QTL-marker haplotype builder
Split 'Geospatial' Objects into Pieces
Analysis of Geostatistical Data using Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods
Geographic Box Plot
Wrapper for Nokia's HERE Geocoding API
Datasets and helper functions for commonly required values in geochemistry.
Analysis and Modeling for Geostatistical Count Data
Analysis and Modeling for Geostatistical Count Data
A geometrical Approach to Differential expression and gene-set enrichment
3D-Visualization of Geoelectric Resistivity Measurement Profiles
Extras for the 'geo' package
Spatial Prediction for Function Value Data
R Interface For OAuth
R based StackExchange client
R Based Twitter Client
Select Sparse Geoadditive Models for Spatial Prediction
Quantification of the effect of geographic versus environmental isolation on genetic differentiation
Corpus Miner
Estimate the Coefficients for Non-Convex Penalized Quantile Regression Model by using QICD Algorithm
Tools for Geohash Creation and Manipulation
Classes for 'GeoJSON'
Convert Data from and to 'GeoJSON' or 'TopoJSON'

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