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L1 Regularization Path for Generalized Linear Models and Cox Proportional Hazards Model
Fit a penalized continuation ratio model for predicting an ordinal response.
Predicted Values and Discrete Changes for GLM
Model selection and multimodel inference made easy
Variable Selection Deviation Measures and Instability Tests for High-Dimensional Generalized Linear Models
Generalized Linear Models Extended
Generalized Linear Models Extended
Calculates a global test for differential gene expression between groups
Testing the additional predictive value of high-dimensional data
Testing the additional predictive value of high-dimensional data
Global Deviance Permutation Tests
Bi-Level Optimization of Metabolic Network Models
Global Gene-Set Analysis for Association Studies.
Generate Functions to Get or Set Global Options
Objective functions for benchmarking the performance of global optimization algorithms
Identify Global Objects in R Expressions
Testing for association between RNA-Seq and high-dimensional data
Testing Groups of Covariates/Features for Association with a Response Variable, with Applications to Gene Set Testing
Plot 2D and 3D Views of the Earth, Including Major Coastline
Fitting and Testing Generalized Logistic Distributions
Fitting and Testing Generalized Logistic Distributions
Naive General Location Model
Global Optimization Wrapper to Call a Variety of Solvers
A Shiny GUI for some Parameter Estimation Examples
R Interface to C API of GLPK
Generalized Logrank Tests for Interval-censored Failure Time Data
Likelihood Ratio Test for Genome-Wide Association under Genetic Heterogeneity
Generalized Least Squares with Measurement Error
Analytic Hierarchy Process
Bloomberg Datalicense Market Data Download
Configurable Data Pipes R reference implementation
Configurable Data Pipes R reference implementation
General Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure
Encrypt and decrypt using the DES algorithm
Interpreted String Literals
Tools for Analysing N-Glycan Data
Genomic Mediation Analysis with Adaptive Confounding Adjustment
Access the Gmail RESTful API
An R interface to the GMAP/GSNAP/GSTRUCT suite
Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps
GPU Computing in R
Bayesian Compressive Sensing Using Laplace Priors
Package with Tools and Utitities to Ease the Work with R
A Model for Dynamic Documents
Fast, low memory footprint digests of R objects
Creating Continuously Integrated Package Repositories from Manifests
Protein/Mutation Visualization
R bindings to NPAPI Browser Plugin

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