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Gaussian dispersion modeling
Line source dispersion modeling using CALINE
Provides an interface to Weather Underground data
Gifi Methods for Optimal Scaling
Gifi Methods for Optimal Scaling
Functions for Parsing 'ITS' Files from 'LENA'
Useful Functions for Building Physics
Course-Management Functions
A "did you mean?" utilitiy for R.
Custom Inputs for Shiny
Local Shiny Apps for Statistics Education
GC Statistics Datasets
R Functions for Elementary Statistics
Functions for Working with Trees in Elementary Data Analysis
Doughnut Plots
Homomorphic Computations in R
Look for deletions in exome captures
Theoretical Model to Simulate Radical Polymerization
Homogeneity tests for Regional Frequency Analysis
Tools and algorithms to calculate compliance on tracking data
Utilities for 'Glmnet'
Test package
Hierarchical Ordered Partitioning and Collapsing Hybrid (HOPACH)
Transmissions and Receptions in a Hop by Hop Network
Horizon Search Algorithm
Supplemental Functions and Datasets for "Handbook of Regression Methods"
Horn's (1965) Test to Determine the Number of Components/Factors
Heart Failure Care Bundle Project Analysis, CLAHRC NWL
Flexible Non-Linear Regression with the HorseRule Algorithm
Implementation of the Horseshoe Prior
Multiple Hot-Deck Imputation
Hot Deck Imputation Methods for Missing Data
Hotelling's T^2 Test and Variants
Locally Gaussian Distributions: Estimation and Methods
Implements the Locally Gaussian Density Estimator
Software Hotspot Analysis
Hot spots
U.S. Housing Data from 2008 to 2016
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Convert Nested Functions to Pipes
R, Shiny, and PostgreSQL Data Capture and Warehousing Tool
Simple Functions
Computational Methods for Numerical Analysis
Phonetic Spelling Algorithms
Waterfall Charts
A lower bound for the number of correct rejections
Analyzing Access Log Data

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