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Post-processing for the Method of Anchored Distributions
Post-processing for the Method of Anchored Distributions
Manage, Analyse and Simulate Hyperspectral Data
hierarchical Bayesian species distribution models
patternCNV: a versatile tool for detecting copy number changes from exome-seq data
Canonical Correlation Analysis based on Kernel Independence Measures
A persistent storage framework for R
What the Package Does in One 'Title Case' Line
A Path-Based BCD for Proximal Function of Latent Group Lasso
Bayesian linear regression modelling
Hidden Semi Markov Models
Block Randomisation for Clinical Studies
Phasing, Pedigree Reconstruction, Sire Imputation and Recombination Events Identification of Half-sib Families Using SNP Data
Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy when Reference Test is Imperfect
Biclustering with Heterogeneous Variance
Useful functions for cognitive modeling
Classification basics.
Useful R functions
this package collects r fxns useful in my daily coding life
HTDA (High Throughput Data Analysis)
Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning
Assemble Data Frames from HTML Tables
Advanced Tables for Markdown/HTML
Tidy Up and Test XPath Queries on HTML and XML Content
R Tools for Producing HTML (Base64 Coding and R Interface to the tth/ttm TeX to HTML Translator)
Tools for HTML
Facilitates Automated HTML Report Creation
HTML Widgets for R
Interactive Quizzes in R Markdown
jquery Knob HTML Widget for R
Morris JS HTML Widget for R
'jQuery' Sparkline 'htmlwidget'
Automated analysis of high-throughput qPCR data
Hierarchical and Grouped Time Series
Gene set over-representation, enrichment and network analyses for high-throughput screens
Clustering High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing (HTS) Data
Clustering High-Throughput Transcriptome Sequencing (HTS) Data
Differential Analysis of RNA-Seq Data with Poisson Mixture Models
A NGS analysis pipeline.
Quality Control, Visualization and Processing for High-Throughput Sequencing data
Filter replicated high-throughput transcriptome sequencing data
Unsupervised Feature Learning with Single-Layer Networks
High Throughput Sequencing of Stable Isotope Probing Data Analysis
General purpose predictor using different models.
High-Throughput Toxicokinetics
Query Cache for HTTP Clients
'HTTP' Status Code Helper
'Ping' 'URLs' to Time 'Requests'
Basic HTTP Request

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