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What the package does (short line)
Meta-Analysis of Region-Based Tests of Rare DNA Variants
Stochastic Process Model for Analysis of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Outcomes
Variant Association Tools R-package
Distance Between Probability Density Functions
R functions for inter-event time calculation and visualization
What the Package Does (Title Case)
min/max/argmin/argmax k elements
Collection of Commonly Used Functions
Robust Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for R
Simulation-Based Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation
Cut Numeric Values into Evenly Distributed Groups
Fast Specialized CSV File Loader
Jabus Tyerman's public gold functions
Resume and Cover Letter Builder
Data Scientist Resume and Cover Letter Builder
Utility Functions for Reports
Fast, Reliable and Elegant Reproducible Research
Jackknife Estimates of Kaplan-Meier Estimators or Integrals
Cascade Model
A Shiny App for Investigating The Current Trajectory of HIV Care
DIDE Cluster Support for CascadeDashboard
Interactive ODE solver and framework to facilitate the transition from Berkeley Madonna to R
Mathematical Model of HIV Care in Western Kenya
R Wrapper for the Lotame API
R wrapper for anapioficeandfire
Collection of functions for manipulating college football data
Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients.
Rapid Calculation of Model Metrics
Tests OpenClinica
Collection of miscellaneous R functions
Estimate Weibull Parameters
Statistical Inference of Variables Driving Systematic Variation
Automated Regression for UWRF Math 327
Demonstrate that configure script in R package can use the wrong R to determine R_HOME
Tools for Working with ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
Tools for Working with ICD-9 Codes, and Finding Comorbidities
Data for ICD comorbidities and codes
Calculate Physiological Characteristics of Adults and Children
Plot Flow Charts According to the "PRISMA" Statement
Utility Functions for Bootstrap
Call Convex.jl from R
Matlab and CVX from R
Graph-Guided Banding of the Covariance Matrix
Hierarchical Clustering with Prototypes
An Engine for Running Simulations

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