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Interface to the arXiv API
Identifying differential DNA loops from chromatin topology data
Example ChIA-PET Datasets for the diffloop Package
Martin's misc utility functions
Processed Hi-C from a variety of pre-processing platforms
Efficient compression and analysis of Hi-C Data
Inference for Average Treatment Effects using Covariate Balancing
Nonparametric Regression And Sparse Additive Modeling
Increasing Hazard Function Estimation for Truncated and Censored Data
Level order reversing
Ancestry Specific Allele Frequency Estimation
A RKWard plugin with basic utilities for teaching statistics
Monte Carlo Simulation of Plasma Caffeine Concentrations by Using Population Pharmacokinetic Model
CRF tools for Asan CPT
Noncompartmental Analysis of Pharmacokinetic Data for CDISC Standardized Parameters
MS reference library creation supporting multi-modular compound annotation
Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance
Model-output formatter for sociological research.
Data Sets for "Applied Survival Analysis Using R""
Inserts %>% character at cursor position
A Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
Consistent Monitoring of Stationarity and Cointegrating Relationships
Parameter Estimation and Inference in a Cointegrating Regression
Naive Bayes for Online Classification with Concept Drift
Export R objects to several markup languages
Assign Random Colors to Unique Items in a Vector
Simulations for Adaptive Seamless Designs
Reading ASD Binary Files in R
Predict Acetylated Lysine Sites
Functions to deal with games
t test for cluster randomized trials
Collection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions
Generic N-Dimensional Hyperplane Fitting with Heteroscedastic Covariant Errors and Intrinsic Scatter
Pretty Scientific Plotting with Minor-Tick and Log Minor-Tick Support
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Fit projected 2D profiles to galaxy images
Functions for calculating orbits and interacting with the Gadget N-body code
Gadget N-body cosmological simulation code snapshot format 1 and 2 I/O utilities
Spherical plotting
The Standard Distribution Functions for the Truncated Generalised Gamma Distribution
Astronomical Observability
Association Studies for multiple SNPs and multiple traits using Generalized Structured Equation Models
David Scott's ASH Routines
Tools for analysis of matrix population (models)
R interface for RAM Legacy database
R wrapper for PostgreSQL DB
Helper functions for working with database connections
Fit EDR prior distributions
PROSPECT inversion manuscript package

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