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Extends ddply to allow calculation of cumulative quantities.
An analogue to curve() for functions of two variables.
Generate images using Fourier descriptors.
Higher order plots
A simple logging system for R, based on log4j.
Automates the Creation of New Statistical Analysis Projects
Turns a data frame into an HTML file containing a sortable table.
Predict continuous valued outputs associated with text documents.
Agent Genetic Programming
Estimating Finite State Machine Models from Data
Sensitivity Analysis for Complex Computational Models
My Shiny App. BMI
Data for the DeLorean Package
What the package does (short line)
Package to simplify debugging on windows machines
Johnson Transformation
Johnson Distribution
Statistical package 'ChaoEntropy'
Statistical package 'ChaoShared'
Statistical package 'ChaoSpecies'
Interpolation and Extrapolation for Species Diversity
Interpolation and Extrapolation for Phylogenetic Diversity
Joint species-rank Abundance Distribution/Estimation
Joint species-rank Abundance Distribution/Estimation
Species Prediction and Diversity Estimation with R
Simple Math Stuff
Computes Collatz Stopping Numbers
Exploration of intra-species contests
An R Wrapper for the Dota 2 api
Visualizations for treatment sequence data
Visualizations for treatment sequence data
Kinship and Reproduction in Historical Populations
Joint Modelling of Repeated Measurements and Time-to-Event Data
Joint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal Data and Time-to-Event Outcomes
Penalized Likelihood Estimation and Dynamic Prediction under the Joint Frailty-Copula Models Between Tumour Progression and Death for Meta-Analysis
Joint Approximate Diagonalization of a set of square matrices
Semiparametric Joint Models for Longitudinal and Counting Processes
Joint N-Mixture Models for Site-Associated Species
Risk estimation using the joint probability method
Joint Modelling of Mixed Correlated Binary and Continuous Responses : A Latent Variable Approach
Joint segmentation of multivariate (copy number) signals
Perform Joins or Minus Queries on 'Excel' Files
This package provides functions that helps in manipulation of facors and factor levels
business date in China stock market.
What the package does (short line)
A Wrapper for WindAPI
Centrality-based pathway enrichment
Circular Visualization
Making Complex Heatmaps
R functions

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