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What the Package Does (Title Case)
Tools for extracting, munging and visualizing jurimetric data
Analise de dados de processos sobre Lucros Cessantes
Baixa dados da Nota Fiscal Paulista!
Baixa dados da sabesp
Tools for web scraping
API Olho Vivo SPTrans e Outros Dados
Dados da CJPG e CJSG do TJSP
What the package does (one line)
What the Package Does
Fits Stickbreaking, Multiplicative and Additive Models to Data
Temporal progress of plant diseases
Time Value of Money Functions
coexnet: An R package to build CO-EXpression NETworks from Microarray Data
What the package does (short line)
Learning to Create D3 Bars in R
Interactive Interfaces for Results Exploration
Interactive Interfaces for Results Exploration
Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier
Implementation of the RESO Graph Decomposition Algorithm
Functions to make R usage in social sciences easier (in french)
HTML Output Formats and Templates for 'rmarkdown' Documents
Utility functions for personal use
D3 JavaScript Scatterplot from R
Suma y multiplica
Distribucion ZOIP
ctmlejl: An interface to use TargetedLearning package in julia

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