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Toolkit implementation of the gWidgets API for use with web pages
Toolkit implementation of the gWidgets API for use with web pages
Creates a convenient form for iteration
A package to write quizzes, ... using R markdown
Package containing talk on gWidgetsWWW2 at useR2012, held at Vanderbilt
Data Sets, Etc. for the Text "Using R for Introductory Statistics", Second Edition
Value at Risk
Utilities for RNA sequencing analysis
Selective Locally Linear Inference of Cellular Expression Relationships
Creates JAGS models and R code for Bayesian regression models with missing covariates
Multiple Imputation of Covariates by Substantive Model Compatible Fully Conditional Specification
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Builds JPEG Map of Dust Roses at Offlake TEOM Stations
Shallow Flood Wetness Control Testing (SFWCT) analysis
Compare PM10 levels for TEOM pairs spanning TwB2 dust control areas
Eye-Tracking Data Analysis
Tidy survival models
Maps of Belgium extracted from OpenStreetMap
Belgium 'Population', 'Work/Fiscal information', 'Kadaster' and the 'Census of 2011' data
Basic package showing how to set up a package
Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the Windows Task Scheduler
Miscellaneous Utilities and Functions
Miscellaneous Utilities and Functions
Calculate bootstrapped and cross-validated personalized advantage index
Average marginal predicted probabilities from Bayesian ordered probit models
Analytical lineage tracking.
Sensitivity Analysis For Causal Effect Estimation
Computing the Censored Naive Bayes (CNB) estimator
Sensitivity analysis for mediation effects via matching.
Thresholded variable selection and prediction based on estimating equations
Visualize conditional regression trees
Simulation of Populations with Managed Inbreeding
Tools for Data Manipulation and Testing

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