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A Quantified Implementation of the Kraljic Matrix
Functions for seasonal power exploration
HANdles Detection Limits when Estimating Sources
What the package does (one line)
Performs Bayesian source apportionment for PM data
Estimates Regional Sources of Air Pollution
Continuation Passing Style Development
Ordinary Kriging
Kriging-based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments
A place to put cleaning functions that have been useful before.
Exponential Family PCA
Perform graph structured multitask regression, according to Chen, et. al.
Scaffolding for Verbose ggplot Figures
Experiments in Latent Factor Modeling
Multitable Methods for the Microbiome.
Visualize multivariate analysis results.
Helpers for Conducting Simulations with NMF
Plot phyloseq objects using D3
Multiple Testing for Hypotheses with Hierarchical or Group Structure
Visualization for Tree-Structured Collections of Counts and Series
Flow Cytometry and Single Cell Analysis
A Package For Implementing Bayesian Linear Regression
Test and Optimise Sampling Designs Based on Plume Simulations
Error Propagation for Measured Values
Extract the API of a Package
Create Documentation During Installation
Parametrized Active Bindings
An 'Rcpp' Interface to Active Bindings
Functions to Create and Check Condition Objects
Run Time Benchmarks for the 'dplyr' Package
Arbitrarily large maps with ggmap
Generalized Raking as Described by Deville et al. (1993)
A Simpler Way to Find Your Files
Weighted Histogram Matching
Pretty Time of Day
Generate import calls
Kirill's Miscellaneous Functions
Create 'Makefiles' Using R
Generate a Manhattan Distance Problem from a Gower's Distance Problem
Mocking in R

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