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R functions for Chapter 7 of Nonparametric Statistical Methods Using R
Rank-based GEE fits
Rank Estimation for Linear Models
ANTs <--> R
printf-style debugging
Curry, Compose, and other higher-order functions
rJava extensions
List-processing à la SRFI-1
In-Line Documentation for R
Bindings for the Google Translate API v2
Phylogenetic Hopping Landscape Effected Evolution
Kaplan-Meier Estimator with Constraints for Right Censored Data -- a Recursive Computational Algorithm
Confidence intervals for the Kaplan-Meier estimator
Kaplan-Meier Simultaneous Confidence Band for the Survivor Function
Kernel-Based Metabolite Differential Analysis
Distributed k-Means for Big Data using 'ddR' API
stepwise k-means cluster model selection
Some useful functions to use with CATMAID
Computes a matrix of K-mer counts.
Interactive Multi-Omics Cancers Data Visualization and Analysis
Interactive Data Manage and Visualization of Badges and Medical Profiles.
Medical and Dosimtery data manager
Reactome Function Interaction Annotation
Kaplan-Meier Multiple Imputation for the Analysis of Cumulative Incidence Functions in the Competing Risks Setting
The Analysis of Biological Data
Analyze BayesTraits Log Files
Bin Wheel Running Data
EMG Analysis in R
Euler-Bernoulli Bending
KM Misc
Data sets from Biostatistical Analysis
Data sets from Biostatistical Analysis
Kevin Miscellaneous
K-Means for Longitudinal Data
K-Means for Joint Longitudinal Data
Clustering longitudinal data using the likelihood as a metric of distance
K-Means for Longitudinal Data using Shape-Respecting Distance
k-Mean-Directions Algorithm
worked examples from Genolini's "A (Not So) Short Introduction to S4" for R (2008)
K-Means with Simultaneous Outlier Detection
Data sets from Klein and Moeschberger (1997), Survival Analysis
Knapsack Routines
Generate Feasible Samples of a Knapsack Problem
Tools to Explore Sequencing Coverage in High-Throughput Sequencing Projects
Sequence ('FASTA'), Annotation ('GFF') and Variants ('VCF') for 17 Samples of 'P. Infestans" and 1 'P. Mirabilis'
An R Package For Morphometric Analysis Of Plant Taxa
Manipulate and Visualize VCF Data
Documentation For VcfR
Interactive Graphics for Portfolio Data
Biomarker Discovery in Microbiome-Wide Association Studies (MWAS)

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