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Datasets and functions from the (now non-existing) Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Plot the Whittaker biomes
ROI-plugin Gurobi
Written for the analysis of psRII unfolding data.
FARS accident data analysis
Load data from Yandex Webmaster
Project Management Tools
Handling methods for naver news text crawling
graph database and R package for omics data integration
Graph database and R package for omics integration
Builds on the package
Calculation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin
Automated Reporting Tool for Water Suppliers
Get and Set Function Argument Defaults
Calculation of Groundwater Mounding Beneath an Infiltration Basin
QMRA (quantitative microbial risk assessment)
Test whether Different Functions Return the Same
some basic functions used by other kwb packages
Interface to WTAQ Drawdown Model (
Local Density-Based Outlier Detection
Agricultural Datasets
Plot a Correlogram
Plotting Field Plans for Agricultural Experiments
Genotype Plus Genotype-by-Environment Biplots
Printing Floating Point Numbers in a Human-Friendly Format
Mountain Plots, Folded Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plots
Color Palettes, Colormaps, and Tools to Evaluate Them
Helper functions for optimizing in R
Utitlity functions from Kyle
Fit observed data to a multivariate Polya distribution
Work with QIIME Output Files in R
Mutate Data Frames with Random Variates
Deploy a shiny app locally on a shiny server
Item Response Theory via Shiny
Latent Variable Analysis with Shiny
Meta Analysis via Shiny
Access to the American Museum of Natural History's Digital Universe Dataset API
MEREDITH (Multi-omic data integration approach)
Plotting N-T Plane for Decision of Performing an Interim Analysis
Utility Functions by Youyi, Krisz and Others
ABC methods for infectious disease epidemics
Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filters
Multi-Scale Motions Separation with Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Periodogram Signals
Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Fourier Transform and Applications
A dynamic visualization tool of multi-level data
Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Spatial Smoothing and Applications

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