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Pipeline R package for creating simple gene signatures and testing their value in a clinical trial setting
Science-wise false discovery rate and proportion of true null hypotheses estimation
Solve Generalized Estimating Equations
What the package does (short line)
Pick a Color From a Tcl/tk chooseColor Widget
R Client for the COLOURlovers API
Find Data-Only Packages on CRAN
Import and Export CSV Data with a YAML Metadata Header
Access to Dataverse 3 APIs
Lightweight GitHub Package Installer
Gaines and Kuklinski (2011) Estimators for Hybrid Experiments
Provide hints on what to do next
Find What You're Looking For
Lumen Database API Client
Marginal Effects for Model Objects
Functions to Merge and Recode Across Multiple Variables
Meme Generation in R
R Client for the MTurk Requester API
A Graphical User Interface for MTurkR
R client for openFDA API
A Sarcastic and Demoralizing Error Handler
Tidy, Type-Safe 'prediction()' Methods
A basic wrapper to the AWS Java
AAPOR Survey Response Rates
A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O
A Database Extension for 'rio'
NetCDF and HDF Extensions for 'rio'
A Survey Monkey R Client
Edward Tufte-Inspired Slopegraphs
Bindings for Tabula PDF Table Extractor Library
Java '.jar' Files for 'tabulizer'
What the Package Does Using Title Case
Tools for Creating Universal Numeric Fingerprints for Data
Import Stata 'webuse' Datasets
Extrae la informacion de los metadatos de imagenes .jpg
Implementation of Statistical Downscaling
Synthetic Populations and Ecosystems of the World
SNP-Set (Sequence) Kernel Association Test
Analyse Sentiment of Chinese Text
Astronomy Functions, Tools and Routines for R
Additional Scripts and Functions for Use with dada2 processing
Microbial Community Data Analysis Tools
Basic Functions
data analysis functions and routines for rainin/norc oakland HHI
Phylogenetic and Functional Analyses for Ecology
Latent Environmental & Genetic InTeraction (LEGIT) Model
Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood

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