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Extended Mixed Models Using Latent Classes and Latent Processes
Annotation-agnostic differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data at base-pair resolution via the DER Finder approach
Simulated data for illustrating derfinder's functions
Simplifying function calls
test namespace
Pablo's 2013 christmas gift
Helper Functions
Liouville Copulas
Local Correlation, Spatial Inequalities, Geographically Weighted Regression and Other Tools
Collapsed Gibbs Sampling Methods for Topic Models
Collection of functions used to prepare and analyze data for and from ALMaSS
Handling and Analyzing Data From Loggers
Functions to Prepare and Analyze Data for and from ALMaSS
Selection of Statistically Similar Research Groups
Tuning of the Latent Dirichlet Allocation Models Parameters
Interactive Visualization of Topic Models
EMIS and GMIS data extraction and analyses
fishPi functions
Movement to Behaviour
data structures for linkage disequilibrium measures in populations
Local Density-Based Outlier Detection
Lan-DeMets Method for Group Sequential Boundaries
Linkage disequilibrium corrected by the structure and the relatedness
Some functions to calculate difference between two dates (in months)
Loads packages, after checking they are installed
Efficient Whole-Genome LD Based Haplotpe Block Recognition
Graphical Display of Pairwise Linkage Disequilibria Between SNPs
Hidden Markov Model for Return Time-Series Based on Lambda Distribution
Good-Turing and empirical Bayes pseudocounts for sparse count matrices
LD LASSO Regression for SNP Association Study
Finding Locally D-optimal optimal designs for some nonlinear and generalized linear models.
Finding Locally D-optimal optimal designs for some nonlinear and generalized linear models.
Probability of Default Calibration
Methods for likelihood-based dimension reduction in regression
Tools for Linear Dimension Reduction
Linear Dependence Statistics for High-Dimensional Data
Exact tests for Linkage Disequilibrium and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
LEA: an R package for Landscape and Ecological Association Studies
Leader Clustering Algorithm
Analysis and Visualization of Plant Leaf Angle Distributions
Rapid Digital Image Analysis of Leaf Area
Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library
An R Gallery for China and Other Geojson Choropleth Map in Leaflet
Minicharts for Interactive Maps
Interactive Web-Maps Based on the Leaflet JavaScript Library
Perform some black magic statistics, beware
Algorithims for estimating the spectral density of a signal
Finds "Local Subnetworks" Within an Interaction Network which Show Enrichment for Differentially Expressed Genes
Constructing Gene Co-Expression Networks for Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing Data Using Pseudotime Ordering

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