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Estimate measures of predictive accuracy using augmented inverse probability weights for two-phase biomarker validation studies
Calculate and Plot Decision Curves
Estimate accuracy measures for risk prediction markers from survival data
Estimate accuracy measures for risk prediction markers from survival data
Evaluating Prognostic Markers under Competing Risk
Evaluate the prognostic accuracy of a marker under two phase designs
Estimate NRI for survival data
Evaluate Treatment Selection Biomarkers
An 'SVG' Graphics Device
Measuring the Difference Between Two Empirical Distributions
Utilities for dealing with data.
poisson discriminant analysis
sparse vector autoregression model
Simulating the expected output from a GWAS with a given causal model
Read and Write 'MTrackJ Data Files'
Multi Dimensional Gene Set Analysis.
Multivariate Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
Time series viewer
Assorted Functions for Working with Aid and Spatial Data
Multi-Dimensional MA Normalization for Plate Effect
Process SPSS file generated by Verint
Light wrapper on top of the aprof package
Functions related to 96-well plates in the biology lab
Model fitting for thermal performance curves
Rare biosphere and indicator species visualization and analysis.
Statistical Tools for Phylodynamics
Easy bootstrap wrappers
Read and Write from the System Clipboard
Generate Randomized Dates
Name and Unname Data Frames
RStudio Addin to Ease Writing Documentation
Seventeenth-Century Dutch Tabletop Still Lifes
Historical Populations of European Cities, 1500-1800
Preview Plots When Printed On Poor Hardware
Fuzz-Test R Functions
Wrapper for the '' Web Annotation Service
Data, analysis, and figures for Lincoln and Fox 2016
Interactively Explore randomForest Models
Everyday utility functions
Data model performance tests
Arrange Multiple Plots in a Grid
Wrapper for the Pastec Image Search and Recognition Engine API
Project a Bimodal Edgelist into a Unimodal One
Reconcile Names to the Getty Union List of Artist Names
Data for Ulanr
Container for the Local Database Constructed By ulanr
Probability-, logarithm-, and rank-based measures for diversity

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