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Rich Data Services
Rich Data Services
Efficient Effect Size Computation
Permutation Tests for Linear Models
Neighbor Based Bootstrapping
An 'API' Client for the 'Alteryx' Gallery
gravClust - gravitational data clustering
interviewer - questionnaires for computer-aided interviewing using R and Shiny
Conway's Game of Life in R
weighter - iterative data weighting
All-Purpose Toolkit for Analyzing Multivariate Time Series (MTS) and Estimating Multivariate Volatility Models
Multivariate time series data imputation
Bayesian multivariate analysis of summary statistics
R Client for the MTurk Requester API
A Graphical User Interface for MTurkR
This package contains the annotation and network data sets
Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport Pattern Analysis
Data on Freedom of Information Act Requests
Interchange Tools for Multi-Parameter Spatiotemporal Data
A Nonparametric Model for Unfolding Scale Analysis
This package helps to handle, read-in and analyze data from the lobster high-frequency data universe
privtools - Small package to track my progress
Multi-Fidelity Cokriging models
Extreme Learning Machine for regression and classification
Hazard Function Estimation in Survival Analysis
Exploring Data with Tree Data Structures
R Interface to Cloud Convert API
R Interface to Echo Nest API
R Interface to Echo Nest API
R Interface to OpenWeatherMap API
R Interface to Google's Word2vec
R Interface to Yandex Translate API
Calculates Mulcom test
Inflate a data frame
Project isolation for R
Generates Muller Plot from Population/Abundance/Frequency Dynamics Data
Optimal Allocation in Stratified Sampling
Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
Simultaneous Inference in General Parametric Models
Visualizations of Paired Comparisons
Multiregression Dynamic Models
Multiple Equivalence Tests and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
GEE Solver for Correlated Nominal or Ordinal Multinomial Responses
Multi-Trait Genome-Wide Association Analyses
Create Classes and Functions for Managing Multiple Assays on Sets of Samples
Finite Difference Method for Multi-Asset Option Valuation
Period Estimation for Multiple Bands
Multivariate Birth-Death Processes

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