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A Package to Test for Pleiotropic Effects
Tools for Incentive Analysis and Modeling
Variable Importance Analysis with Population Intervention Models
Weighted Cox-Regression for Nested Case-Control Data
Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks
Multiplier Analysis for SAM and FSAM
Data Manipulation with Parallelism and Shared Memory Matrices
multivariate polynomials
Calculate Multivariate Richness via UTC and sUTC
Bias, Precision, and Power for Multi-Level Random Regressions
R package for combining multiple scans
Multivariate Sensitivity Analysis
Causal Mediation Analysis in Multisite Trials
Clustering a Data Set using Multi-SOM Algorithm
Multispatial Convergent Cross Mapping
MultiSV: an R package for identification of structural variations in multiple populations based on whole genome resequencing
Spectral Analysis Tools using Multitaper Method
Models Multivariate Cases Using Random Forests
Variable Selection in the Multivariate Linear Model
A Multivariate Emulator
Estimation of Multivariate Long-Memory Models Parameters
Component Models for Multi-Way Data
Multi-Way Standard Error Clustering
Multivariate Nonparametric Methods
Resampling-based multiple hypothesis testing
Common Multiple Testing Procedures and Gatekeeping Procedures
Common Multiple Testing Procedures and Gatekeeping Procedures
Metabolomics Univariate and Multivariate Analysis
Multi-Model Inference
Multi-Model Inference
: ARQiv-HTS,Preparing for and Completing Whole-Organism Screening at High-througput rates
Importing files for Hydrologial Databases
Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams
Metric Unfolding
Metric Unfolding
Utilities for Using Munsell Colours
Interpolate Munsell Renotation Data from Hue/Chroma to CIE/sRGB
Interpolate Munsell Renotation Data from Hue/Chroma to CIE/sRGB
Defines color-blind friendly palettes and gradients.
Mailmerge using R, LaTeX, and the Web
Murphy Diagrams for Forecast Comparisons
Calculates average age of Williams College professors
Microarray Analysis Pipeline
Wrapper Functions for 'AFNI' (Analysis of Functional 'NeuroImages')
ANTs in R
Helper Functions to Misc3d and rgl Packages for Brain Imaging
Port of the Camino Software
Toolbox for Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative ('CIFTI') Files
Template Images for Multi-Atlas Label Fusion ('MALF') for Computed Tomography ('CT') Images
Conversion of 'DICOM' to 'NIfTI' Imaging Files Through R

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