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Nonparametric kernel smoothing methods for mixed data types
Non-Parametric Measures of Actigraphy Data
Multiple Comparisons and Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
Nonparametric Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Factorial Experiments
Nonparametric Tests for Main Effects, Simple Effects and Interaction Effect in a Factorial Design with Censored Data
Non-Parametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Categorical Data
Nonparametric Boundary Regression
Nonparametric Combination of Hypothesis Tests
Nonparametric Methods for Cognitive Diagnosis
Nonparametric Circular Methods
Non Parametric Test for Detecting Changes in the Copula
Some Nonparametric Tests for Change-Point Detection in Possibly Multivariate Observations
Normalised prediction distribution errors for nonlinear mixed-effect models
Normalised prediction distribution errors for nonlinear mixed-effect models
A little convenience package for MAT/FOS 705 at John Jay
Read/Write functionality for X3P surface metrology format
Bayesian Nonparametrics for Automatic Gating of Flow-Cytometry Data
Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Stochastic Frontier Analysis
Permutation approximation methods for gene set enrichment analysis (non-permutation GSEA)
Sample Size Calculation for the Proportional Hazards Mixture Cure Model
Nonparametric Interaction Tests for Factorial Designs with Repeated Measures
Plotting linkage and association results
N-Parameter Logistic Regression
Type-Specific Failure Rate and Hazard Rate on Competing Risks Data
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation for random effect models
tertiary probabilistic model in predictive microbiology for use in food manufacture
Nuclear Penalized Multinomial Regression
Nonparametric Comparison of Multivariate Samples
Nonparametric Multivariate Change Point Model
Npolar API R package
Nonparametric Partially-Balanced Incomplete Block Design Analysis
Nonparametric Estimation of Regression Models with Factor-by-Curve Interactions
Robust Data-Driven Statistical Inference for Local Polynomial Regression and Kernel Density Estimation
Neyman-Pearson Receiver Operating Characteristics
Kernel-Based Nonparametric ROC Regression Modelling
Convenience Functions and Tests for Working With the Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Nonparametric and Stochastic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis
Nonparametric Smoothing for contaminated data using Simulation-Extrapolation
Package for Nonparametric Statistical Methods using R
Nonparametric Spatial Statistics
Generalization of Hewitt's Seasonality Test
Non-Parametric Survival Analysis
Medie speciali
Functions from the 2nd Italian Forest Inventory (INFC)
Functions from the 2nd Italian Forest Inventory (INFC)
Data sets from "Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications"
Madrid Air Quality Data Parser
Toolkit for Corpus Analysis
R PLEXOS scenario visualization package
Renewable Energy Probability Resource Assessment Tool (REPRA)

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