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Orderbook visualization/Charting software
Orderbook visualization/Charting software
Ordered Lasso and Time-lag Sparse Regression
Similarities of Ordered Gene Lists
Least Squares, Logistic, and Cox-Regression with Ordered Predictors
Ordinated Diet Breadth
Consensus of canonical ordinations through the canonical redundancy analysis
Regression Models for Ordinal Data
Regression Models for Ordinal Data
Ordinal Regression Analysis for Continuous Scales
Ordinal Forests: Prediction and Class Width Inference with Ordinal Target Variables
Ordinal Regression for High-Dimensional Data
Biplot representations of ordinal variables
Penalized Ordinal Regression
Ordinal Logic Regression
Compute least squares estimates of one bounded or two ordered isotonic regression curves
Concurrent Generation of Ordinal and Normal Data with Given Correlation Matrix and Marginal Distributions
Selection and/or Smoothing of Ordinal Predictors
An R Interface to the Onigmo Regular Expression Library
Connector to the Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES)
Software to enable the smooth interfacing of different database packages
dplyr-based Access to Bioconductor Annotation Resources
Organic Mass Spectrometry
Organic Mass Spectrometry
Analyse Text Files Created by Emacs' Org mode
Helper Functions for Org Files
Order-restricted Information Criterion-based Clustering Algorithm
Support for orientation data
Fast Spatial Ancestry via Flexible Allele Frequency Surfaces
Fast Spatial Ancestry via Flexible Allele Frequency Surfaces
Fetch Species Origin Data from the Web
The package deals with Operations Research LOCational Analysis models
Spanish version of orloca package
Exploring Datasets via Clustering with TURN-RES.
Rigorous - Aterial Spin Labelling
Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output
Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output
Rigorous - Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Rigorous - NIfTI+ANALYZE+AFNI Input / Output
Rigorous - NIfTI + ANALYZE + AFNI : Input / Output
Rigorous - Positron Emission Tomography
Rigorous - Positron Emission Tomography
Order Restricted Assessment Of Microarray Titration Experiments
Southern Ocean Frontal Distributions (Orsi)
Converting Odds Ratio to Relative Risk in Cohort Studies with Partial Data Information
Orthogonal Bspline Basis Functions
Orthogonal B-Spline Basis Functions
Dynamic Panel Models with Orthogonal Reparameterization of Fixed Effects
Collection of functions for orthogonal and orthonormal polynomials

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