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SMRTLink R Interface server
PCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
Functions to compute CLIMDEX indices over a NetCDF grid
Climate Downscaling Library for Daily Climate Model Output
Helper functions for use with the ncdf4 package
Implementation of POSIXct work-alike for 365 and 360 day calendars.
Zhang + Yue-Pilon trends package
Convert values to/from raw vectors
Convert values to/from raw vectors
Build Website of Package Documentation
Track R Package Downloads from RStudio's CRAN Mirror
Circle Packing
Toy example of Pack Classic
Forward Selection with permutation (Canoco p.46)
A few Useful Functions for Statisticians
A Dependency Management System for Projects and their R Package Dependencies
Toy Example of S4 Package
Package Management Tool
Procrustes Application to Cophylogenetic Analysis
Testing for Partial Copulas and the Simplifying Assumption in Vine Copulas
Predictive Analysis of Clinical Trials
Variational Bayes (VB) Approximation of Gibbs Posteriors with Hinge Losses
Padé Approximant Coefficients
Pathway Analysis with Down-weighting of Overlapping Genes (PADOG)
Gives you pictures of a miniature dachshund
RStudio Addin for viewing data and identifying outliers
Tools for Finding the Best Fits for Non-Least Squares Regression over the Level of a Factor
Tools for Finding the Best Fits for Non-Least Squares Regression over the Level of a Factor
Quickly Get Datetime Data Ready for Analysis
Attributable Fraction Function for Censored Survival Data
Generative Mechanism Estimation in Temporal Complex Networks
Put Page Numbers on Graphics
An API Client for Wikimedia Traffic Data
The package can identify the dysregulated KEGG pathways based on global influence from the internal effect of pathways and crosstalk between pathways.
Pathway Analysis Methods for Genomewide Association Data
Plotting Paintmaps
Multiple comparison test visualization
Confidence intervals for the ratio of locations and for the ratio of scales of two paired samples
Paired Data Analysis
A tool for comparing heatmaps
D3 Scatterplot Matrices
classical pair trading based on cointegration in finance
Visualization using Eulerian tours and Hamiltonian decompositions
Rasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm
Confidence Intervals for Two Sample Comparisons
Tools for preparation and analysis of academic CVs.
Miscellaneous tools I often need and forget about
Functions to perform GIS operations in R.
A collection of Rmarkdown templates
Helpful tools to work with Rmarkdown.

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