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An Interface to the 'AutoDesk' 'API' Platform
A 'Shiny' Gadget for Interactive 'QRA' Visualizations
Anonymize Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
Describe Data in R Using Common Descriptive Statistics
Detect Data Containing Personally Identifiable Information
Tools for Functional Programming in R
Quickly Profile Data in R
Tools for Querying SQL Databases from R
Quickly Score Models in Data Science and Machine Learning
Recommend Movies
Score data to predict TV hours
Regression Heat Map R Backend for Access with OpenCPU
A Collection Of Functions
R Implementation of Combined Assessment of Function and Survival
Flexible local regression using empirically selected control probes
Integration of genomic and epigenomic data
Analyzing Dose Finding Experiments
A package containing functions to wish someone happy birthday in an R-sort-of-way
Descriptive plots for the LRCCD community college district.
Tools For Model Regressions
Ratio-of-Uniforms Sampling for Bayesian Extreme Value Analysis
Ratio-of-Uniforms Simulation with Transformation
stat2003: Introduction to Applied Probability at UCL
Miscellaneous Basic Functions
Funky-tional Programming
'dplyr' Verbs for Lists and Other Verbs for Data Frames
Interface with the Meteo France Synop Data API
Mode Estimation
Observe and Check your Data
Miscellaneous Basic Statistical Functions
Lighten your R Model Outputs
Play with the Tribe of Attributes in R
Implementation of HDF5-backed matrix and array classes
A Package for the Simulation Testing of the Design and Analysis of Fisheries-independent Trawl Surveys
A Package for the Simulation Testing of the Design and Analysis of Fisheries-independent Trawl Surveys
Control IGV, the Integrative Genomics Viewer, from R
Import Google Fit Data
Analyse Health Data
test_scripts for Jaatha
Analyze High-Dimensional Data Using Discrete Morse Theory
Mixed-pair mutual information estimators
Estimation of the amplicon methylation pattern distribution from bisulphite sequencing data
Testing Autocorrelation and Partial Autocorrelation Through Bootstrap and Surrogate Methods
Bayesian Experimental Design for Systems Biology.
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Tree Ring Analysis of Disturbance Events in R

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