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Toolbox with R scripts
Excluding host reads from xenograft sequencing data
Peer performance analysis in R
Luck-Corrected Peer Performance Analysis in R
Functions for Dyadic Sequence Analyses
Population and Evolutionary Genetics Analysis System
Population Proportion Estimation using Group Testing
Manage Metadata Describing Dependencies Between Data Files
Validating Command Line User Input
Geophysical Inverse Theory and Optimization
Functions for removing outliers, with illustrations
A Lasso for Hierarchical Interactions
Statistics for bros
A Penalized EM algorithm incorporating missing-data mechanism
tools for the analysis and visualisation of pems data
Portable Emissions (and Other Mobile) Measurement System Utilities
Portable Emissions (and Other Mobile) Measurement System Utilities
L1 (Lasso and Fused Lasso) and L2 (Ridge) Penalized Estimation in GLMs and in the Cox Model
Penalized Classification using Fisher's Linear Discriminant
Feature Selection SVM using penalty functions
Flexible Copula Density Estimation with Penalized Hierarchical B-Splines
Regularization in Cox Frailty Models
Density Estimation with a Penalized Mixture Approach
Flexible Pair-Copula Estimation in D-Vines using Bivariate Penalized Splines
Integration of Disease Similarity Methods
Estimating Regularized Multi-state Models Using L1 Penalties
BEMOVI, software for extracting BEhaviour and MOrphology from VIdeos
The multiscale straightness index for the analysis of animal trajectories
An R package to fit RT and Reward behavioral data from Michael Frank clock task.
Simulation of high-dimensional data and parallelized repeated penalized regression
A report writing system that creates and compiles LaTEX and pdf output
Tools for creating cluster plots, tree plots and dendrograms using ggplot.
Parallelised Estimation of Prediction Error
Peptide Library Analysis Methods
Insilico peptide mutation, digestion and homologous comparison.
PepSAVI-MS Data Analysis
Statistical analysis of peptide microarrays
Evaluation of Diversity in Nucleotide Libraries
Calculate Indices and Theoretical Physicochemical Properties of Protein Sequences
Parsing pepXML files and filter based on peptide FDR.
Moderated Regression Package
Periodic Time Series Analysis
Thurstonian Models for Sensory Discrimination
Using Percolation and Conductance to Find Information Flow Certainty in a Direct Network
Implementing Double Bootstrap Linear Regression Confidence Intervals Using the 'perc-cal' Method
Personal functions of pjp
Package para el curso Econometría I de GECO
Person Fit
Person Fit

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