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Similarity and Distance Quantification Between Probability Functions
R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Text Analytics REST API
R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services Web Language Model REST API
Create PC charts using ggplot
Phil's Practice Rcpp Package
FUNctions are Phil's FUN functions
Home Brewed S4 Logistic Regression
lmPG: S4 Linear Model
Neural Network Classifier
Analysis of Means
Designing Bayesian Multi-Arm Multi-Stage Studies
Simultaneous Assessment of Bioequivalence
Simultaneous Inference in Longitudinal Data Settings
Boxplots for Toxicological Data
Soil and plant spectroscopic model building and prediction
Netezza SQL backend for dplyr
DBI Netezza SQL
Out of Bag Learning Curve
Quantile Regression Forests for Ranger
Create Surrogate Models
Contains plot functions for package GAMBoost
Roesch's Miscellaneous R Functions
R bindings to Betfair API-NG
Bindings to the Backblaze B2 API
Global Thoroughbred Bloodstock Sales Data
R in Space
Epitope Matcher
Haplotype Tracker
Hybrid Dynamic/Stochastic Model of HIV Resistance Evolution
Data for the mother child model
Test and reporting for modgen models with R
Bin reads by Motif
Quantitative Bias Analysis
Tool Mania
Viral Haplotyper
Easily check regression diagnostics
Lookups for UK geographies
Analysis of 'heat or eat' data in England
Open data, software, and tooling for GIS lecture
Easy Spatial Microsimulation (Raking) in R
Climate time series and extreme events
Phylogenetic partitioning based ILR transform for metagenomics data
R Data Wrangler
Proportional Hazards Mixed-effects Model (PHMM)
Convert Letters to Numbers and Back as on a Telephone Keypad
Phonetic Spelling Algorithms
Import and handle microplate reader data.
Read and Write ODS Files

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