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Read and write PNG images
Profit and Loss calculation for financial instruments and portfolio's.
Probit-Normal Marginalized Transition Random Effects Models
Probabilistic neural networks
Lasso and Elastic-Net Logistic Regression Classification with an Arbitrary Loss Function
Prepare a package for a pull-request to a repository on
Extract Features from Continuous or Discrete Time Series
Stream Editing in R
Sego Miscellaneous
Simulating Community Assembly and Ecological Diversification Using Ecospace Frameworks
Lilliefors-Corrected Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Tests
POC Data and Analysis Package
Dose Finding in Drug Combination Phase I Trials Using PO-CRM
Position-Dependent Kernel Association Test
Principal Orthogonal ComplEment Thresholding (POET) Method
Bayesian Variable Selection for a Poisson-Logistic Model
PogromcyDanych / DataCrunchers is the Masive Online Open Course that Brings R and Statistics to the People
The Poisson Binomial Distribution
Classification and clustering of sequencing data based on a Poisson model
Poisson lognormal and bivariate Poisson lognormal distribution
Point Density for Geospatial Data
Analyzing Pointer Years and Components of Resilience
Input/Output Functionality for "PO" and "POT" Message Translation Files
Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Continuous Components
Data Generation with Poisson, Binary and Ordinal Components
Generation of Up to Four Different Types of Variables
Data Generation with Poisson, Binary, Ordinal and Normal Components
Confidence Intervals with Poisson Double Sampling
Simultaneous Generation of Count and Continuous Data
Simultaneous Generation of Multivariate Data with Poisson and Normal Marginals
Summarize, Analyze and Visualize MAF Files
Beta-Diversity of Species Interactions
LP-BRIM Bipartite Modularity
Procrustes Application to Cophylogenetic Analysis
Simulating Homogenous & Non-Homogenous Poisson Processes
Analysis of Angler Creel Data
Data Checking
Numericise, centre, standardise and generate new data sets
Data Checking
Map of Haida Gwaii
Bayesian Analyses using 'JAGS'
Analyses Using JAGS
Check, manipulate and format JAGS model code
Manipulate JAGS Model Code
Kootenay Lake Exploitation Study Data
Kootenay Lake Exploitation Analysis
Freshwater Atlas Data for Kootenay Region of British Columbia
Discharge, Elevation and Temperature Database Functions
Lake Exploitation Study Data Plotting and Analysis
Model Builder Utility Functions and Virtual Classes

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