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Manipulate Monte Carlo Markov Chains Samples
Mountain Whitefish Spawn Timing
Mountain Whitefish Spawn Timing Data
Generate New Data Frames for Predictive Purposes
Poisson Consulting Utility Functions
Map Utility Functions from Poisson Consulting
Attach R Packages used by Poison Consulting
Poisson Consulting's Utility Functions
Loch Rannoch Ferox Trout Mark-Recapture Analysis
Loch Rannoch Ferox Trout Mark-Recapture Data
Scale Data Based on Other Data
Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index Data
Tide Heights
Sage Grouse Lek Observations for Wyoming
Sage Grouse Population Dynamics
Sage Grouse Lek Areal Disturbance Data
R6 Timer
Analyses Using TMB
Poisson Consulting's Utility Functions
Ask a Custom Yes-No Question
Fit high dimensional mixtures of Poisson GLMs
Significance analysis of sequencing data based on a Poisson log linear model
Poisson-Tweedie exponential family models
Within Outlying Mean Indexes: Refining the OMI Analysis
Polytomous variable Latent Class Analysis
Access the Lens Patent Database
Miscellaneous functions, mainly for tidying and wrangling data
Local Polynomial Non Parametric Regression
Political Data Interface in R
Datasets and Functions Featured in Pollock and Edwards R Companion to Essential of Political Analysis
Analysis of Aerobiological Data
Client for the HuffPost Pollster API
Aggregate Components, Calculate Forecasts and Determine Errors for Election Results
R implementation of the client-server protocol for the CWB (CQI)
Toolkit for Preparing Corpora
Toolkit for Corpus Analysis
Shiny apps and widgets to expand the polmineR package
tools for topicmodelling
Toolkit for Corpus Analysis
Analysis of Political Networks.
Calculate Political Representation Scores
Polynomial Spline Routines
Implementation of the Polya-Aeppli distribution
Simulating from the Polya Posterior
Sensitivity Indexes Calculated from Polynomial Chaos Expansions

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