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Access to Cryptsy Crypto-Currency Exchange Public Information API via R
R interface to the CSDP semidefinite programming library
R Interface to the CSDP Semidefinite Programming Library
An S4 interface to the CSI UA API
Convex Switching Systems
Styling of Graphics using Cascading Style Sheets
CUR decomposition package
Create HTML Web maps
Robust Cure Models for Survival Analysis
General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
Display and manipulate graphs in Cytoscape >= 3.3.0
Display and manipulate graphs in cytoscape.js
R simulation of Superfarmer game with different playing strategies
Display and manipulate graphs in Cytoscape
Convert Rd to 'Roxygen' Documentation
Shrunken Centroids Regularized Discriminant Analysis
Redshift Tools
Basic Runtime Support for
'DataCite' Client for 'OAI-PMH' Methods and their Search 'API'
ETL toolchain for data flows
Data access API for
R Interface to the Data Retriever
Extension of `data.frame`
R tools for the command line
An R Package for retrieving data from DAVID into R objects using Web Services API.
Regression Discontinuity Estimation
Manipulation Testing Based on Density Discontinuity
Toolbox for Regression Discontinuity Design ('RDD')
Robust Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for R
Plotting functions using ggplot2.
Statistics General
RDEC -- regression with damped exponential correlation
Interact with the UK AIR Pollution Database from DEFRA
Relevant Dimension Estimation (RDE) in Feature Spaces
Unified Handling of Graphics Devices
Provides predefined queries of RDFBones SPARQL endpoint
R Wrapper for DGIdb
Client Library for The Guardian
Functions for Phylogenetically Based Statistical Analyses
Test package
Variable Selection using Random Forests
A Collection of Functions to Experiment Dice Rolls
It perform Quality check on data
R interface to the dieharder RNG test suite
Misc Functions from Richard DiSalvo
What the Package Does (Title Case)
Decomposition of Isotopic Patterns
Calculate Pairwise Distances
Distance Sampling Analyses
Local Randomization Methods for RD Designs

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