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Generic Reproducible Parallel Backend for foreach Loops
Algorithms and framework for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization (NMF)
Provides Enhanced plyr Functions
Package development utilities
Seamless Interface to Octave -- And Matlab
Tools for R Package Repositories
Utility functions for working with Random Number Generators
Extra Roclets Extending Roxygen2 Capabilities
Extra Base Functions for Bioconductor
Entrez in R
Entrez in R
An R package for creating interlinear glosses in knitr from ELAN transcriptions
Random effects ordination
R interface to the Encyclopedia of Life
R interface to the Encyclopedia of Life
Reordering the dendrogram according to the class labels
GWAS for Multiple Observations on Related Individuals
GWAS for Multiple Observations on Related Individuals
Non-Normal Repeated Measurements Models
Global tests for expression data of high-dimensional sets of molecular features.
Replicability Analysis for Multiple Studies of High Dimension
Tools for Handling EpiJSON (Epidemiology Data) Files
Epigenomic tools
Two-Way ANOVA-Like Method to Analyze Replicated Point Patterns
Replication graph
Replication Interval Functions
Fluid Use of Big Data in R
Miscellaneous Tools for Reproducible Research
A Data-Centered Data Flow Manager
Repeated Measures Proportional Odds Logistic Regression
Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents Generation
External jars required for package ReporteRs
Tools for making reports in various formats
Percent of Men With Beards Prediction Model
Edmonton Pothole Prediction Model
DoubleClick for Publishers API from R
Open Ad Stream API from R
Create Clean Section Break Comments
A General Message and Error Reporting System
An Easy Way to Report ROC Analysis
Tools for automatically generating reproducible clinical report
Assist the Workflow of Writing Academic Articles and Other Reports
Generate LaTeX Tables of Descriptive Statistics
R Interface to 'EPP-Lab', a Java Program for Exploratory Projection Pursuit
Serializable Representations
Determine the representativity of two multidimensional data sets
Reproducible Research Tools
Prepare Reproducible Example Code for Sharing
Reproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses

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