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Build, Import and Export GEXF Graph Files
Interface Between R and 'GGobi'
Access WHO Global Health Observatory Data from R
Create quizzes in GIFT Format
Create quizzes in GIFT Format
Utilites for doing linear response variational Bayes in R
Micro credit LRVB stuff
Get Education Data from Massachusetts DESE Website
3D Visualization Using OpenGL
3D Visualization Using OpenGL
Convert the GatingSet from Boost serialization to protocol buffer format
GatingML interface for openCyto
extending openCyto framework at c++ level
Clustering for Flow Cytometry
Sequential Flow Cytometry Data Gating
Routines that don't belong to the core flow packages yet.
Cluster Merging for Flow Cytometry Data
Generalized Linear Modeling of FCM Data With Clustered Coefficients
A data package containing two flowJo, one diva xml workspace and the associated fcs files as well as three GatingSets for testing the flowWorkspace, openCyto and CytoML packages.
Generalized Estimating Equation Modeling of Beta Binomial Distributed Data
HIV Annotation
A Thin Wrapper around the ImmuneSpace Database
Luminex multiplex array manipulation and analysis
Model-based Analysis of Single Cell Transcriptomics
This is the data used for the MAST paper
Mixture Models for Single-Cell Assays
MIMOSA with baseline
Bayesian modeling of peptide microarray assay responses
Peptide microarray data package
Statistical analysis of peptide microarrays
Scripts to pre-process data sets from "data-raw" to "data"
Peptide Annotation and Data Visualization using Gviz
Construct Standardized pipelines for processing RNASeq data
R Interface to Global Biotic Interactions
R/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface
R/GNU Linear Programming Kit Interface
'rgl' in 'htmlwidgets' Framework
'rgl' in 'htmlwidgets' Framework
An implementation of several tuning technique for ML classification/regression algorithms in general.
Random hyper-parameter sweep exploration
group method of data handling
R Interface for Gnuplot
GoodData API Client Package
R Wrapper for the Google Analytics API
Unsampled Data in R for Google Analytics Premium Accounts
R Interface to Google Fit API

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