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Methods for Changepoint Detection
Detection of Structural Changes in Climate and Environment Time Series
(Kernel) Isotope Niche Estimation
Fetch Klout Scores for Twitter Users
Random KNN Classification and Regression
Topological Analysis of Knotted Proteins, Biopolymers and 3D Structures
Fire simulations using different routines
Directly linking raster (and vector?) read write ccess from R to GRASS spatial database
Very Simple Logger
Some useful functions
Spatial Prioritization routines
Reading and Writing of Spatial data as well as Metadata of GeoPackage files
Dispersal of seed routines
Seep Production Routines
Basic and extended TSS Statistics (True Skill Statistics)
An implementation for association analysis with CNV data.
Mann-Kendall Test, Seasonal and Regional Kendall Tests
Application of gene classifiers
Non-Parametric Concordance Coefficient
Read Key/Value Pair Observations
RKWard GUI to conduct ANOVAs (using the ez package), pairwise t-Tests and plot interactions.
RKWard GUI to conduct k-means, model based and hierarchical cluster analyses
RKWard GUI to calculate Cohen's Kappa
RKWard GUI to conduct principal component and factor analysis
RKWard GUI to install R packges directly from git or subversion repositories
RKWard GUI for multinomial processing tree (MPT) models
RKWard GUI for multidimensional scaling
RKWard GUI to perform power analysis and sample size estimation.
A Collection of Tools for RKWard Plugin Development
A Simple XML Tree Parser and Generator
Tools for Developing Diagnostic Messages
Easy Internationalized Message Pluralization
Input/Output Functionality for "PO" and "POT" Message Translation Files
Functions and Datasets Required for ST370 class
Data Exchange Between R and LabKey Server
Feature Extraction
Datasets for formatted as R objects.
Meetup API
Praise Users
Analysis of Infectious Diseases using Stochastic Epidemic Models
Lake Physics Tools
Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
What the Package Does (Title Case)
A Graphical Tool for Exploring Complex Datasets Using Heatmaps
Analyze and Design Repeated Low-Dose Challenge Experiments
Bayesian LDA for Mixed-Membership Clustering Analysis
Text Generation from Data

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