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rustfare: toolbox for R language for open welfare data from Russian Federation
R clients for Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC) Web Feature Services (WFS)
Finnish Open Government Data Toolkit
Sotkanet Open Data Access and Analysis
Sotkanet Open Data Access and Analysis
Tools for Statistics Finland Open Data
Handling of Swedish Identity Numbers
Package Title
Data for the U.S. National Broadband Map
R interface to the OpenFDA API
R tools for integrating with the repository
Manipulating and Analysing Electronic Health Record Data
Retrieve data sets from the data API
Tools for the Construction of Clinical Code Lists for Primary Care Database Studies
rUNdp: R integration with the UN development programme API
Encrypted Key-Value Store for Sensitive Data
R Client for the Lagotto Altmetrics Platform
programmatic interface to the AntWeb
Approximate POMDP Planning Software
Interface to the arXiv API
Assertive Programming for R Analysis Pipelines
'Taxonomic' Specification and Parsing Methods
Search the BiomedCentral API and get full text articles.
Interface to Bold Systems 'API'
Fetch 'Phylogenies' from Many Sources
Interactive Maps for Data Exploration
Client for 'CCAFS' 'GCM' Data
Interface to Chromosome Counts Database API
Interface to CiteULike API
Client for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') 'API'
Easily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
Crossref Text Mining Client
HTTP Client
General Purpose Client for 'OPeNDAP' Servers
A package status dashboard
R interface to the DataONE RESTful API
A Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources
Read and Write Data Packages
Functions to derive dependencies for R sessions for use in reproducible research
Simplified document database manipulation and analysis
Access to Dataverse 3 APIs
Programmatic Interface to the API Serving UC Berkeley's Natural History Data
R Interface to the Data Retriever
General Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'
Elasticsearch DSL
R interface to the eLife API.
Read and Write Ecological Metadata Language Files
Client for 'etcd', a 'Key-value' Database
R Interface to the Europe PubMed Central RESTful Web Service

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