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R interface to various web services
Clean Biological Occurrence Records
Connector to 'CouchDB'
General Purpose R Interface to 'Solr'
General Purpose R Interface to 'Solr'
Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
Visualize Species Occurrence Data
Sustainable Transport Planning
Bindings for Tabula PDF Table Extractor Library
Java '.jar' Files for 'tabulizer'
Taxonomic Information from Around the Web
Open Source OCR Engine
A suite for running automated tests for data
Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity
A Consistent Interface to Tokenize Natural Language Text
Species Trait Data from Around the Web
Discovery, Access and Manipulation of 'TreeBASE' Phylogenies
Access UCI machine learning datasets
Historical and Contemporary Boundaries of the United States of America
Datasets for the 'USAboundaries' package
Record 'HTTP' Calls to Disk
Chemical Information from the Web
Taxonomic Information from 'Wikipedia'
World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Client
Programmatic Interface to the Zenodo Research Data Archive
R Package for the API
R Interface to OpenWeatherMap API
Reproducible Data Retrieval from the Roper Center Data Archive
PCA, PLS(-DA) and OPLS(-DA) for multivariate analysis and feature selection of omics data
Optimally Robust Estimation
Optimally Robust Estimation
Optimally robust estimation - old version
Optimally robust estimation - old version
R Optimizely API
Optimally robust estimation for regression-type models
Pathway Analysis Tools for Quantitative Proteomic Data
Automated Vector Autoregression Model Creation
Automated Vector Autoregression Models and Networks
Zelfi networks using Autovar
OCI Based Oracle Database Interface for R
Interface to the '' 'API'
Robust Ordinal Regression UTADIS
RNA-Seq Utilities
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Utilities
Help for Writing Unit Tests Based on Function Examples
Handy String and File Manipulation
Number and Brightness Image Analysis
Rory's R Utilities
An R Package For Manipulating And Analysing Electronic Health Record Data

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