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A new tool for exporting TCGA Firehose data
Tools for analyzing sales report files of iTunes Connect.
Robust Tail Dependence Estimation
Response Time Distributions
Response Time Distributions
Run FlowBased Simulations on Antares
Add Even More Interactivity to Interactive Charts
A simple API for accessing data in R.
Win, Place, and Show Bets For a Kentucky Derby Party
The rtematres API package
Tools for Tensor Analysis and Decomposition
The resource and base package for the Rterial R libraries
unit and system testing for R
R6 Objects for Text and Data
TextRank for Korean
Automatic Text Classification via Supervised Learning
Functions for calculation of texture metrics for Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrices
Rich Text Format (RTF) Output
Transcription Factor Binding Site Identification Tool
An Sweave Driver to Process Files with R Code and RTF Text
Article Formats for R Markdown
Tide Heights
Read and Write TIFF Files
Client for New York Times 'APIs'
Inequality, Welfare and Poverty Indices and Curves using the EU-SILC Data
Rarefaction Tool Kit
STK++ Core Library Integration to R using Rcpp
'STK++' Core Library Integration to 'R' using 'Rcpp'
STK++ Integration to R using Rcpp
Fit an age structured model to fisheries data
Probabilistic programming language
Pseudo-random number generators for random variables and vectors
Built a bare-bones rc-suite package with one command
Reference class surplus production model
Fisheries surplus production models without spatial component
Virtual references classes for statistical modeling
Utility function for modeling and simulation of (sub-second) response times in cognitive psychology
Reconstruction of transcriptional networks and analysis of master regulators
Analysis of co-regulatory network motifs and inference of 'dual regulons'
Truncated Newton Function Minimization with Bounds Constraints
Truncated Newton Function Minimization with Bounds Constraints
Visualization for Seismic Tomography
Applies CRUK branding and footer text to plots
Interpolation of Data with Variable Spatial Support
Interpolation of Data with Variable Spatial Support
This package is designed to perform Gene Set Analysis across multiple genomic platforms
R interface to genome browsers and their annotation tracks
Analyze and Forecast Credit Migrations
Rtreemix: Mutagenetic trees mixture models.

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