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Expose R functions as web services through Java/Axis/Apache
ALS for the Automatic Chemical Exploration of mixtures
Complementary package to "Improved Batch Correction in Untargeted MS-Based Metabolomics"
MS-based metabolomics annotation pipeline
Demo package for the EBI metabolomics courses in Hinxton
An interface to the Weibo open platform
R/Weka Interface
R/Weka Interface Jars
An R Wrapper for Google's QPX Express Flight Search
A wrapper for the Spotify API in R
R Wireless, Forward Error Correction
Wiener Process Distribution Functions
Interface for the 'Wildbook' Wildlife Data Management Framework
Download, Edit and Transform Wind Data from GFS
R Interface to 'WinEdt'
Running Winsteps in R
Basic Wireless Communications Simulation
Performs a Random Walk on a Graph
Chinese word segmentation
Mapping global data, vector and raster.
Mapping Global Data
Country boundaries at high resolution.
Country boundaries at high resolution.
Rice Wavelet Toolbox wrapper
R We There Yet? Visualizing MCMC Convergence in Phylogenetics
R Interface to Weather Underground API
R x C Ecological Inference With Optional Incorporation of Survey Information
Get XKCD comic from R
Get XKCD Comic from R
Functions to Parse and Create XMCDA Files
Functions to Compute Chemical Reaction Similarity
Facilities for Simulating from ODE-Based Models
Combined Total and Allele Specific Reads Sequencing Study
Maximum Likelihood Shrinkage via Generalized Ridge or Least Angle Regression
R Interface to the Yacas Computer Algebra System
What the package does (short line)
R Interface to Yandex Translate API

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