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Provides access to the BioAcoustica platform through R
Manipulate Date Information to Fill In Data Gaps and Allow Averaging of Missing Values
Cross-target analysis of small molecule bioactivity
Bayesian ANalysis Of Compositional Covariance
Model-based Genomically Informed High-dimensional Predictor of Microbial Community Metabolite Profiles
Biobase: Base functions for Bioconductor
Helpers for crosstables, graphics and little function for fast reporting with knitr and markdown
Turn Bioconductor objects into tidy data frames
Bioclim Variables Calculator
Interactive Multi-Omics Cancers Data Visualization and Analysis
BiocCaseStudies: Support for the Case Studies Monograph
Bioconductor-specific package checks
S4 generic functions for Bioconductor
Graph examples and use cases in Bioinformatics
Install/Update Bioconductor, CRAN, and github Packages
Feature Selection and Classification with the Embedded Validation Procedures for Biomedical Data Analysis
Facilities for Filtering Bioconductor Annotation Resources
Facilities for Filtering Bioconductor Annotation Resources
Convenience functions for adding packages to the svn repository
Course material for EMBO Practical Course: Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data, Hinxton, UK, October, 2015
Manage Files Across Sessions
Install/Update Bioconductor and CRAN Packages
Training Material for Introductory R Courses
Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation
Tutorial: Introduction to High Throughput DNA Sequence Data Analysis Using R / Bioconductor
Client to access ExperimentHub resources
Add resources to ExperimentHub
Parallel implmentation of bounded memory GEE
A centralized repository for S4 generic functions
Distributed computing by file or by range
Parallel queries distributed by file or by range
R Client for Google Genomics API
Client-side REST access to KEGG
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Umbrella Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Base Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Classification Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Preprocessing Package
Automated Affymetrix Array Analysis Reporting Package
Gene expression enrichment in human brain regions
Microarray QA and statistical data analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microrarray (AB1700) gene expression data.
ABSSeq: a new RNA-Seq analysis method based on modelling absolute expression differences
Classes and functions for Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization data.
Algorithms for Calculating Microarray Enrichment (ACME)
Analysis of big data from aCGH experiments using parallel computing and ff objects
Annotation-Driven Clustering
Methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays
Graphics Toolbox for Assessment of Affymetrix Expression Measures
Affymetrix GeneChip software compatibility
structured corruption of affymetrix cel file data

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